Professional Networking

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AmCham Panama’s networking events and 14 industry-related committees bring together experts from a wide range of business fields. AmCham Panama’s committees arrange speakers, roundtable discussions, workshops, and training seminars that touch on the key issues facing your industry. Committee meetings offer an opportunity to make valuable contacts and to discuss the topics that most directly impact you and your business.


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One of AmCham Panama’s key missions is to advance free enterprise and trade promotion agreements. Look to AmCham Panama for timely information on doing business in Panama, from market entry strategies to expert advice on taking advantage of the new investment opportunities created by the U.S.-Panama Free Trade Agreement.

Each member receives a weekly newsletter containing summaries of latest AmCham news and information about recent and upcoming events.

Access to Government Decision Makers

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One of the Chamber’s objectives is to represent American business interests in Panama to both U.S. and Panamanian policy makers. AmCham Panama keeps you informed on the most recent policy decisions that will affect your business and gives you access to key officials.

Promotion Opportunities

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Reaching your target audience is easy when you sponsor one of the Chamber’s events or advertise on the AmCham website or newsletter. To reach a more specific audience, consider sponsoring special committee events, thematic conferences or workshops.

Banner advertising on the AmCham website is also a great way to promote your business.

Dynamic Corporate Social Responsibility Program

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AmCham Panama encourages the maintenance of high standards of ethics in business relations. Our members strive, as stakeholders in the Panamanian economy, to be good corporate citizens by giving back to the local community. Join us in developing CSR efforts in Panama. AmCham Panama’s goal is to be the role model of good corporate citizenship, and our English Scholarship Program 2013 is one of many ways we give back to the local community.