AMCHAM Hosts SGA Trade Mission

Tuesday, March 20, 2012 - 14:22

PANAMA CITY—March 20, 2012—The American Chamber of Commerce & Industry of Panama hosted a luncheon today for Luis Fortuño, Governor of Puerto Rico and Chairman of the Southern Governors Association (SGA) and members of the Trade Mission from Puerto Rico. Governor Fortuño, accompanied by trade representatives and business executives from the American South, spoke to a group of 200 people on promoting commerce between the American South and Panama. SGA represents 16 southern states and 2 US territories, a geographic region that has the most rapid economic growth in the US.  In 2011, the US exported $8.25 billion in goods and services, of which 76% came from the American South.

The first to speak at the lunch, AMCHAM’s Luis Laguerre emphasized the importance of continuing the trend of robust growth of bi-lateral commerce between the US and Panama, stating that a strong commercial relationship with the United States will not only enhance the economies of both countries but also improve quality of life.

The SGA Chairman and Governor of Puerto Rico, Luis G. Fortuño said “I am here with you today, not only as Governor of Puerto Rico, but as Chairman of the Southern Governors’ Association —an organization that represents the Governors of 16 American states and two territories from the fastest growing region of the United States, which we call the American South— and we call upon you to continue working towards the improvement of economic and trade relations between the U.S. and Panama as well as the rest of Latin America”.  He also emphasized that, because of Panama’s importance in global trade and its vast experience in distribution and logistics, the implementation of the Free Trade Agreement is vital for advancing free trade throughout the Americas.